Words of Appreciation

It was a heartwarming experience for me seeing midwives running to strengthen and support Afghan midwives saving lives of women dying from preventable pregnancy related complications.

Thank you so much for the great coordination, the way the midwives worked hard was really impressive. It warmed my heart.

These all solidarities brought tears of joy and appreciation to my eyes. I worked very hard not to cry when I saw the pictures of midwives running to show their professional commitment and solidarity, aaah! I was just left with no words.

I felt proud to be a midwife and I felt proud to know that there are colleagues who appreciate what we do to save lives.

Each one of us is making a difference. Together we can make the lives of individual women more comfortable despite the circumstances they may be living in.

Thank you once again. 

Warm regards,


11.00 29. mai - 15.00 30. mai 2018

Sanner Hotell Gran på Hadeland

9.00-13.00 6. juni 2018

Høyres Hus, Oslo

10.00-17.00 6. juni 2018

Dnj lokaler, Grensen 9

12.00 20. september - 12.00 23. september 2018

Quality Hotell Fredrikstad

9.00 17. oktober - 17.00 21. oktober 2018

Bad Wildbad, Germany

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